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This is a trial page for anyone to upload comments about the forum, the plan and its content, or just comments about West Hampstead.We reserve the right to moderate all comments. Initially we ask you to fill in the form, below, which is automatically emailed to us.
We will then upload the content, with your name but not your email address etc., normally within 24 hours. Later we may have a real-time system. Or, if your prefer just send us an email to ndpwesthampstead@gmail.com with your comments, saying if you want them published or not.

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  NEW Basements   The rise in property values in West Hampstead has now made it viable for developers to spend large amounts of money excavating basements below small terraced houses and converting them to small self-contained flats which can then be sold at a profit in spite of the high building costs. A few developments of this type have been allowed in Narcissus Road and, in my opinion create a dangerous precedent. Although there may be an argument for the creation of basements to provide ancillary accommodation for single family houses I consider that provision of flats with all living accommodation at basement level with windows facing onto well areas should be resisted. Whilst increasing the housing stock, the small flats created are of poor type, result in overdevelopment and detrimentally change the character of an area.   Michael Zucker 10.3.2012
  Consultation   Why can't we have a page on the NDF website where anyone can make suggestions and comments?

How's this? We might improve it if there is sufficient use made of it. - Webmaster NDF
  Nick Jackson 11.11.2012